On a Lighter Note…

No “Curse” in Sight, This One Was Fun!!!

By Marc Comtois | October 29, 2007 |

CHAMPS!!! There’s success to go with tradition now, happy endings to replace the failure. Now, instead of wallowing in what went wrong, the fan base is joyous… For so many years, the franchise was defined by heartbreak, identified with close calls and bad breaks. The agony of defeat was seemingly part of the Red Sox’…

Talent Versus Time

By Justin Katz | October 27, 2007 |

Friday’s Dilbert strip is so appropriate to Rhode Island’s predicaments (especially from our unique perspective) that I’ve emailed Scott Adams about making a t-shirt of it. In context of the particular bit of pith from Dilbert’s garbage man, keep an eye out for provisions in the law and in contracts that seek to expand the…

Laffey on for the Indians in the 3rd

By Carroll Andrew Morse | October 20, 2007 |

This is certainly a career move no one saw coming.

Now I Got Ya

By Justin Katz | October 17, 2007 |

Knowing full well that it may keep you up too late tonight or get you off to a delayed start in the morning, I hereby introduce you to Chat Noir. Click the light circles to turn them dark and trap the cat before it escapes. Anybody who still has an extra second in the day…

Torn Between Conservatism and Fandom

By Carroll Andrew Morse | September 21, 2007 |

The crotchety conservative purist in me recognizes how much more exciting the current Major League Baseball pennant race would most likely be this year under the old two-division system. This is what the standings might look like this morning, in the old American League East, where only one of the following three teams could secure…

Harvard University Doesn’t Quite Understand the Concept of a Free Market

By Carroll Andrew Morse | September 20, 2007 |

According to the Harvard Crimson, the definition of “intellectual property” is running amok at Harvard University (h/t Instapundit)… Jarret A. Zafran ’09 said he was asked to leave the [Harvard Coop] after writing down the prices of six books required for a junior Social Studies tutorial he hopes to take. “I’m a junior and every…


By Mac Owens | September 19, 2007 |

Just a reminder that today is “Talk LIke a Pirate” day. I model myself on Steve the Pirate from my favorite movie, Dodgeball.

Just for a Chuckle

By Justin Katz | September 9, 2007 |

Has anybody caught that new WPRO promo spot that runs as follows (or pretty close): Question: Where do bloggers turn for information? Answer: WPRO 630 AM So, in a literary sense, does that make us models of the well-informed citizen whom all should emulate? I’m not sure whether to be flattered or frightened. (Although all…

Mr. Subliminal Must Have Written the EG Teachers “Open Letter”

By Marc Comtois | September 6, 2007 |

I know Dan Yorke has been giving this some play this afternoon, but I honestly thought the same thing when I stumbled across this “open letter” from East Greenwich Teachers to the public. Namely, it’s not a good idea to imply that you–the teachers–are better at raising the kids than their parents. Especially this part…

Hasbro Internationalizes A Great American Hero

By Marc Comtois | August 27, 2007 |

G.I. Joe–“A Real American Hero”–is now based in Brussels. That’s what Hasbro and Paramount have decided as they seek to bring a new GI Joe movie to the big screen. (h/t) Who needs A Real American Hero? Not Paramount or Hasbro it seems. The studio’s live-action feature film version of G.I. Joe will no longer…