Soccer cleats in the air

Don’t be surprised when we find it was dangerous to open the door for boys in girls’ sports.

By Justin Katz | May 23, 2021 |

Any parent with children of both sexes who play soccer has seen the undeniable difference in the way boys and girls play the game.  It seems the cultural and hormonal differences may be interwoven with an underlying acknowledgment of actual risks. According to the results of a recent study: The study confirmed findings from previous…

Girls playing soccer at night

You may not have heard a key variable in the women’s soccer pay inequity discussion.

By Justin Katz | May 20, 2021 |

Having high-school-aged daughters in this day and age, I’ve heard the issue of pay equity for female soccer players come up from time to time, in and out of a school-project context.  Curiously, I’d never before heard the detail that Ashe Schow reports for The Daily Wire: … U.S. District Judge R. Gary Klausner dismissed the…

Mike Stenhouse and Ken Block

There’s a direct connection between unreasonable costs for government and unreasonable taxation.

By Justin Katz | May 13, 2021 |

On his In the Dugout show, yesterday, Mike Stenhouse implicitly made that connection.  On the one hand, Ken Block was on the show to talk about firefighter overtime abuse in Warwick, while on the other hand, pollster Jim Eltringham addressed public opinion on a proposed Transportation & Climate Initiative gas tax.  Stenhouse also leveraged his baseball connections…

The NCAA logo as a pride flag

Providence College Should Quit the NCAA

By Justin Katz | April 22, 2021 |

The culture wars can’t be a one-way fight, and the longer the forces of tolerance and truth restrain themselves, the more certain their defeat will be.

The Death Penalty for Penn State Football

By Patrick Laverty | July 13, 2012 |

It’s embarrassing to tag this with a “Sports” category as this really isn’t a sports issue. It’s a human decency issue. When you turn a blind eye to child rape in order to protect a football program and its coach, that’s just disgusting. Yesterday, a report commissioned by Penn State University and completed by former…

The Closet of Professional Sports

By Patrick Laverty | April 1, 2012 |

Late last week, a man in Connecticut was arrested for allegedly attempting to extort Minnesota Twins pitcher Carl Pavano. The asking price was a new Land Rover, navy with tan leather interior. Give the guy credit. If you’re going to extort someone, know exactly what you want. But what was the other part, what was…

Have a Super Day!

By Marc Comtois | February 5, 2012 |

Let’s face it, the big news story around here has to do with football. So, despite the fact that some knucklehead on the NY Football Giants website team thought they had already won, the game is in fact tonight. There are plenty of football storylines, but to a lot of people, it will be about…

Bruins Win the Cup!

By Marc Comtois | June 16, 2011 |

Welcome to the party B’s!!!! source It’s official: in this century, Boston is the Hub of Champions!

Coach Cooley: A Role Worth Modeling

By Marc Comtois | May 29, 2011 |

That Providence College basketball has turned to a native son to turnaround it’s troubled program is not new news, but Kevin McNamara’s piece in today’s ProJo about new PC basketball coach Ed Cooley is one worth reading. He had a tough family life but was lucky to know a family that helped him out. Above…

Sailing in the Ocean State

By Marc Comtois | July 9, 2010 |

Yes, we lost the bid to host the America’s Cup, but there is still opportunity to grow our economy by focusing on sailing related business. Warned ahead of time, the state administration immediately took a positive perspective, saying that Rhode Island is likely to host preliminary races that could become as big a benefit as…

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