Battling the Machine

While conducting some research, yesterday, that is at the top of my to-post list, it struck me how extensive the machine is that pushes policies to take our money by force of law — much of it funded with our money, in one way or another.
There’s no way that we could match the chain of effort that runs through the unions, the colleges, Washington think tanks, and the various progressive foundations, but anything that you can contribute to Anchor Rising will help us to put a few more loads into our slingshot.

Donations of $60 or more will inspire a gift of this year’s AR apparel choice, a navy blue sport shirt with red collar trim and the Anchor Rising logo on the left of the chest:

Here’s a picture of the Anchor Rising logo as it was embroidered on the hats that we ordered last year, and as it will be embroidered on this year’s shirts:

Donations of any size can be made via PayPal by clicking the “Donate” button. Checks or money orders — made out to me (for the time being) — can be sent to:

Justin Katz
Anchor Rising
P.O. Box 751
Portsmouth, RI 02871

Again, shirts are a limited-time offer for donations made before Monday, February 11. Be sure to provide an address and your shirt size.

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