A Society Lacking Confidence Will Wither.

Ed Achorn’s column, yesterday, is more relevant to today’s demonstration than may seem at first to be the case:

What’s at the center of [Brown’s Columbus Day] debate, and others like it, is whether we believe in our civilization anymore. Growing numbers of people seem to be losing faith in it.
To my mind, Columbus Day was never really about the man himself, or the historic events of 1492 and their immediate aftermath. It was about what he symbolized: courage, intelligence, endurance, a willingness to risk everything seeking new worlds. Columbus Day was a celebration of Western Civilization and, ultimately, the most magnificent country that arose in the New World, the United States of America.
The disparagement of Columbus, much like the disparagement of the Founders so popular in recent years, seems designed to break down the faith of young people, and in time most Americans, that this really is an exceptional place, a country that has achieved unique things in world history because of one thing: freedom.

A lack of belief in ourselves has much to do with America’s current economic predicament. As we’ve drifted from a desire for opportunity to a demand for ease and stability, we’ve created the structure that enabled the “too big to fail” label and the concomitant greed. Furthermore, it is a loss of ideals that is leading us down the wrong path toward recovery.
More than anything, we must reclaim our confidence in the society that our founders intended to build.

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15 years ago

Justin I would suggest that ever-growing segments of our society are reclaiming the confidence our founders intended to build. Did you see the report in today’s Projo about gun sales sky rocketing even here is loony liberal Rhody? Even slumbering Rhode Islanders can feel the ‘vibe in the air’ with this President and his desire for centralized government control over everything and everyone. Are you watching what’s going on in Texas with their sovereignty legislation? Many don’t know it because the lib media didn’t cover it but these tea parties sprung up all across America long before today. Did you see the hilarious spin from Napolitiano and her homeland security report about the growing militia movement in his nation? According to Janet D-Arizona they’re all white supremicists upset because we have a black President. lol
Typical Demmie tactic in playing the race card to demonize. The reality is the overwhelming majority of militias are filled with loyal law abiding Americans who see our nation going down the drain. My view is we’ve seen just the very tip of the militia iceberg and it will continue to grow and grow quite large across this nation.
The really amazing part?
This ‘vibe in the air’ is going on and we haven’t even gotten the hyper-inflation bill yet from Obama’s Communist manifesto. We haven’t seen the coming legislation from Obama to legitimize and legalize the millions of illegal aliens currently in our country.
The current ‘vibe in the air’ will only get stronger and stronger as millions and millions of Americans recapture the spirit and the fight our founders posssessed.
As the saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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