Another Sign of a Coarsening Culture?

As Americans accede to the concerted push to break down our mores and cultural definitions, we shouldn’t be surprised if there’s an increase in this sort of double-take news items:

Two men and a woman, ages 18, 19 and 20, have been indicted for allegedly raping a fellow University of Rhode Island student on campus on Sept. 14.

There are no details about the incident, although another report pinpoints the alleged victim as a female. Whatever the case, it should shock our sensibilities to see a young woman among the indicted — not out of some false notion of womanly purity (or weakness), but as evidence that something more fundamental may be slipping that male animalism cannot explain.
Even given the negative reversal, I can already hear the indignation of those who fetishize an unconsidered vision of equality: Why shouldn’t women be just as violent and just as inclined toward sexual abuse? Gender is a construct, don’t you know.

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Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
14 years ago

While women rarely participate in what I will call “casual rapes”, it is not unusual in what I will call “planned rapes” to have a female assistant.

14 years ago

OR maybe it was an alcohol fueled party in which the situation is more complex than the news portrayed it and people need to stop assuming it was a planned attack. They all should have thought before drinking and engaging in sexual acts that they later regretted but could only remember faintly.. shame on people who read headlines and automatically assume aww that poor victim the suspects should be put away. when the situation is so complex alcohol complicates things. Do not be surprised that a woman is involved just as you should not be surprised that when alcohol is involved bad things can happen and it impairs your judgement and people end up regretting their actions and feeling as if they were pressured into those actions without taking any responsibility for their choice in consuming that said alcohol to begin with. – (Anon. URI student who thinks posts that take a side without knowing any facts are unbelieveably biased) The facts of this case are definately NOT as black and white as you think.

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