The Weekends March On

The big news of the weekend, I’d say, was the continuing ability of opposition groups to generate large protests, the Providence version of which Monique and Andrew attended. The Providence Journal, disappointingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, thought something else was most worthy of its attention.
Word came of economic solvency being an issue for Rhode Island businesses, and Dilbert suggested some other fears applicable to the state of the state. We continued discussion of the inviolability of public-sector pensions. watched video of school committee debates about open negotiations in Tiverton, and noticed contract-related battles in the Pawtucket district.
Meanwhile, on the national front, the government and media have begun pushing the message that the fate of the economy rests with consumers’ willingness to incur patriotic debt. The marriage debate roiled on, touching political philosophy. Reformers declared their current philosophy to be “Enough!” And the abortion struggle added another adult murder, this time of a pro-lifer, as ever by a psychopath.
Internationally, Don noted the Obama Administration’s differing treatment of democrats and tyrants, and I pondered the end of the world.

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