Vlogging About Open Negotiations

My latest video blog is about open negotiations, drawing on material from Tiverton, but applicable elsewhere.

I’d be especially interested in feedback on this one, inasmuch as I tried some new tricks (in an effort to throw myself at the learning curve) and am still trying to get a sense of appropriate content for the medium. Let me know your thoughts on any aspect of video that might inspire comment. In advance, I’ll say that this is probably about as long as my vlogs will ever be, and yes, next time, I’ll take a few minutes to shave beforehand. (Hey, it was a busy weekend.)

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14 years ago

Justin, I actually watched the whole video with total interest. The audio could be much clearer so I would suggest getting an omnidirectional mike and not use the camcorder audio.
Constructive ideas: get rid of the air quote fingers. That is just so Crowley and beneath your stature.
If you are going to give additive or follow-up comment to a speaker in the video, do a split screen and keep the speaker on the right side panel. Some viewers (like me) may loose focus to the original speaker to whom or what you are making comment.
Otherwise, I really like seeing you give audio explanation to those (like me) who probably would not read an entire transcript of the Tiverton meeting.

14 years ago

With regard to the underlying issue: Bravo Jan Bergandy. He made the most telling point towards the end: Tiverton has had the experience of conducting closed door negotiations and it did not prevent/solve the stated problems.
The vlog post is very well. Spot on analysis of the issue. Quick transitions between the meeting clips and your commentary, Justin; also, the meeting clips were cued up right at the substance of the person’s comment. So there was no point at which I was tapping my foot waiting for someone to get to their point. I also liked the inset pictures of the people in the audience (who were naturally facing away from the camera) who commented.

Joe S
Joe S
14 years ago

Good job keep it up

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