A Working (and Not) Weekend

Our content, this weekend, seems like a reverberation of thought from Labor Day, because most of the posts are somehow related to working.

  • There’s the state worker so out of touch as to whine about being called “nonessential.”
  • There’s the carpenter and blogger worrying (some would say “whining” here, too) about the financial ramifications of not working Saturdays (more specifically: working in a way so as to make money).
  • Robert Muksian argues that America should raise Social Security taxes on the working in order to maintain benefits for the retired, semiretired, and old-enough-to-retire.
  • Monique noted a certain state that is, unsurprisingly, known to be a bad place to retire, tax-wise.
  • And then there are a slew of posts about the work that particular people do, starting with the job of priests and all of the faithful to send off the dead appropriately.
  • Newspaper editorial boards, of course, are shirking their duties if they exclude highly relevant information.
  • One can’t exclude the political hackery of the current speaker fo the U.S. Congress.
  • And Jon Stewart does an excellent job of spearing ACORN agents who seemed well rehearsed in their job of securing financial assistance for people who did the important work of pretending that their occupations were jaw-droppingly objectionable in order to expose corruption.
  • Meanwhile, Mark Steyn holds that the President isn’t doing his job very well when it comes to international affairs.
  • Finally, the question of whether it would be preferable to be eternally of this world or of the next may come down to whether one wishes to work for eternity or not.
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