The Cross as Symbol

The Mojave Cross boxed in plywood so as not to offend may be the perfect symbol of tyrannical multiculturalism. Erected 75 years ago in memory of the nation’s World War I casualties — and with strong visual correlation with the plain crosses that have a long cultural pedigree along roads — the cross has been the subject of a separation of church and state dispute that has reached the Supreme Court. Moreover, it fittingly reflects the zealous drive to rid America of any public reminder of Christian heritage.
A new twist, though, has the potential to unite religious and libertarian conservatives:

Several conservative justices seemed open to the Obama administration’s argument that Congress’ decision to transfer to private ownership the land on which the cross sits ends any government endorsement of the cross and takes care of the constitutional questions.
“Isn’t that a sensible interpretation” of a court order prohibiting the cross’ display on government property? Justice Samuel Alito asked.
The liberal justices, on the other hand, indicated that they agree with a federal appeals court that ruled that the land transfer was a sort of end-run around the First Amendment prohibition against government endorsement of religion.

The argument against permitting religious symbols on public land is that it implies an endorsement of the represented beliefs. Even if we accept that as a plausible argument, the idea that the endorsement is furthered by divesting of the land in order to avoid destruction of the symbol is perverse. It also illustrates the dangers of permitting government ownership of anything: the opportunity to force beliefs — or disbelief — is too attractive for fanatics not to erase and rewrite.

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14 years ago

Stories like this just seem to irritate my bowel to the nth degree.
We (the majority of Aikhorn zombies), sit around letting government and commie groups like the ACLU just flagrantly treat us, the zombies, well, like zombies.
Only when our pocketbooks are hit do the majority of people ask who put the hitch in their giddyup.
Now, this simple solution of telling the ACLU to go @#$@ themselves seems to be such a daunting task that I ask this simple question: Why have we been allowed to enjoy religious freedoms, still express our love for the Judao-Christian routes for the last 200+ years only to allow (yes we did allow it) the enemy among us (ACLU) to assert their anti-American might?
If the ACLU ever wins this case and they try to have the thousands of crosses at Arlington removed, I hope they are met by 100,000 veterans with AK47s.

Robert Balliot
14 years ago

Public lands in the desert southwest contain many, many religious symbols. This petroglyph in Nevada even includes a cross: Valley of Fire. I have seen hundreds of these symbols and none were encased in plywood.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
14 years ago

Taking up what Roland said,will the ACLU ask for religious symbols to be removed from national cemeteries?Are they gonna deface or pull up tombstones?Their depravity and hatred for our traditions has no limit.They are truly demonic.Steven Brown is our best local example,but he has others who prop him up.Dan Weisman,for one.Oh,sorry,”Dr.”Dan Weisman(Phd in social work)-I thought maybe he was at least a proctologist because he sees an a##hole every time he looks in a mirror.

Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
14 years ago

Before I begin, let me say that nothing here is intended to be anti-Semitic, or anything of the sort.
I have noticed that Jewish veterans have headstones depicting the Star of David (do I have that right?). I have never been to Arlington (I await an invitation from the Lee/Custis family) so I am uncertain of the headstones of Jewish veterans there.
My point is, I hear nothing of the Jewish symbolism. Is it as simple as Christianity being a whipping boy? Or, does a fear of appearing anti-Semitic discourage reporting?
The Constitution provides for “freedom of religion”, not “freedom from religion”.

Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
14 years ago

Joe Bernstein writes:
“Oh,sorry,”Dr.”Dan Weisman(Phd in social work)-I thought maybe he was at least a proctologist because he sees an a##hole every time he looks in a mirror.”
Another distinction is that proctologists are known to “stand behind their work”.

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
14 years ago

Warrington-Weisman’s successful(sadly)crusade against a benediction at a graduation ceremony was directed at a prayer led by a Rabbi.
Yes,Jewish veterans’ headstones at Arlington and other national cemeteries have stars on them.I think the ACLU is mainly anti-Christian,but probably objects to any religious symbols.
the unfortunate truth is that the ACLU has many Jewish financial supporters and many of their attorneys are Jewish-I have never been able to understand these types of Jews,altough I suspect most of them are really atheistic one-worlders who have been raised in left wing Jewish homes.
Michael Savage,who is Jewish by origin,has often referred to these people accurately as those who “drank the bad seltzer”.
Too bad they didn’t mix some cyanide with it.
You will seldom, if ever,see God believing Jews object to crosses or any other religious symbols.
I don’t follow the Jewish religion or any other,but have a strong faith in God and the power of prayer.
BTW telling the truth isn’t anti-Semitic.
Making up “Zionist”conspiracy theories of world domination certainly is.

Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
14 years ago

joe bernstein writes:
“Making up “Zionist”conspiracy theories of world domination certainly is. ”
SPeaking of those, I remember full page adsin Popular Mechanics (when I was a kid) concerning the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. I couldn’t make anything of them. Still a catchy phrase and it stuck with me.
Some years later I had the opportunity to ask a rabbi about them, I was amazed he never heard of them. Since the invention of the Internet, I have found it is a Zionist, world domination, conspiracy muyth

joe bernstein
joe bernstein
14 years ago

It was invented by the Czarist Okhrana,or secret police to justify pogroms against Jews in late 19th century and early 20th century Russia.
My grandfather’s family managed to “avoid” the pogroms because my great grandfather spent 25 years in the Czarist army and they didn’t go after soldiers’ families.BTW he was DRAFTED for that length of service.
I think of that when I hear the punks at Brown whining about something that dares to impinge on their soft,coddled lives.
My gramps himself never attended school-he was put to work as a tannery laborer as a kid.
He came here at 16 and learned to read,write,and generally did okay as a shoe factory worker.He had no time to control the world.

14 years ago

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11 years ago

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