Public health and “science” are becoming pure instruments of control.

Most Americans have probably never given it a thought, but it’s common for state governments to offer exemptions, as for religious beliefs, when they skirt the line of individual sovereignty.  Connecticut appears poised to cross that line by wiping away religious exemptions for vaccines:

The State Senate passed the repeal of religious exemption for childhood vaccinations 22-14 amid protests Tuesday night.

It now heads to Governor Ned Lamont’s desk for signature. He has already said he will absolutely sign it for the children. …

The State Department of Public Health says 8,328 kids claimed a religious exemption in the 2019-2020 school year and haven’t received childhood vaccinations.

Increasingly, we’re moving from requiring the baseline shots for serious, highly communicable diseases, against which we’ve been immunizing children for decades, to include sexually transmitted diseases, like HPV, as well as illnesses like the common flu.  Progressive government officials are increasingly insisting that they have the right to decide the balance between risk and liberty.

Although Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont asserts that “more and more towns that may be losing their herd immunity,” he offers no evidence.  Indeed, like Rhode Island, Connecticut is one of the most vaccinated states in the country.  If the state government isn’t taking its action in response to clear evidence that diseases are making a comeback, then a change like this can only be about control, not public health.

Of course, we should leave open the possibility that government officials know something that they aren’t acknowledging to the public.  If, for example, Connecticut is expecting a massive influx of unvaccinated illegal immigrants, that would put make this law seem more about public health than pure big-government control.  Residents of the Nutmeg State could probably think of solutions they would prefer to a loss of civil liberties, but at least they could still believe government officials weren’t simply mad with power.

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