We now return to the promotion of drag queens to children at libraries.

One of the silver linings of having most of the more-progressive precincts of the nation shut down (a silver lining more than offset by the rest of the storm, of course) was that it limited progressives’ access to other people’s children.  Thus, controversies over drag queen story hours were limited to related incidents, like the arrest of a Milwaukee judge who had helped sponsor such events on child pornography charges.

Unfortunately, as Larry Gillheeney reports for Ocean State Current, the season is ramping up in Rhode Island again:

Plans are well underway for the West Warwick Public Library to hold an event called “Drag Story Time!” targeting children ages 0-6 to attend at the end of June. This event is moving forward despite calls from parent groups to cancel as a result of the controversy surrounding the subject matter.  …

“This isn’t about adults. This is about children and what is and is not appropriate to expose them to,” said Cheryl Cnr, a mother and home-schooler who is concerned for the well being of her children. “Would you find it acceptable if the West Warwick public library hired Belle Knox, Tracey Lordes, War Machine, Mr. Rotten, Jenna Jameson (there are some Wikipedia lists that I do not suggest googling) to host a children’s story hour?”

The library describes the event as a “very special story time all about being true to yourself and accepting others.”

All the talk about acceptance comes with the clear sense that it is dependent upon the “other” having a progressive ideology.  As Gillheeney notes, the Instagram account of one of the drag queens scheduled for this event, Ninny Nothin, is full of anti-Christian material.  Would the West Warwick Public Library host an explicitly Christian event for children, or is the guiding principle not really “acceptance,” but corruption?

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Joan Guilbeaux
Joan Guilbeaux
3 years ago

NO!!!!! This is not for our children. Just look at this picture. That is not for small children.

3 years ago

This is absolutely outrageous! Shame on the WW Town Council for allowing a permit for such an atrocious event targeted at our youngest of the young infants to age 6!!!!
I am saying rosaries that this event will NOT be allowed to take place in our town.

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