Advocacy Solutions took one for the insider team in South Kingstown.

The South Kingstown school department has provided Anchor Rising with a little bit more detail on the hiring of a PR firm to handle the matter of local mom Nicole Solas (and to criticize her):

Then Chair and School Committee member Emily Cummiskey reached out to the District’s legal counsel, wanting to quickly respond to a Fox News inquiry requesting comment on deadline on June 1, 2021. Legal counsel connected the then Chair with Advocacy Solutions in Providence, RI, as legal was familiar with their work locally. Because there was no School Committee approval, and because the entire School Committee did not review the statement prior to it being read, it was not an approved service by the School Committee. Given the circumstances, Advocacy Solutions has graciously agreed not to charge anything for their services.

Why the elected members of the school committee — whose role is the political one of defining the direction of the district — would turn to the district’s lawyer for public relations help is not clear.  Whatever the reason, that attorney, Andrew Henneous, has since resigned, adding to a growing list of local officials who have done so.

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