A by-the-way note to conservatives on illegal immigrants.

Tucker isn’t wrong in this analysis.  There’s a reason our borders are open and buses and planes are distributing all comers across the country.  But here’s an important point that’s often ignored:  If newly arrived residents are here, and if they’re going to be voters, they might vote with you!

That doesn’t mean pandering, and it doesn’t mean compromising your principles.  It does, however, mean never ceasing to persuade and look for common ground.  People are people, and it isn’t written in any prophetic scroll that people ushered into a nation to bring about the inevitable permanent aristocracy of socialism actually have to do so.

People who’ve been living in squalor, piecing together their subsistence little by little, may like the idea of being given a baseline livelihood, but they also have a keen understanding of how a privileged governing elite can cut them out of the loop, as well as the value of keeping what they earn.

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