It’s the same ol’ SNL under Biden.

When I read this Daily Wire article by Joseph Curl, I was expecting to find a surprising change of tone by Saturday Night Live — one that treated our eminently mockable politicians as such.  Honestly, I don’t know what Curl was watching.

Granted, I didn’t get through the whole clip, but the first two-thirds remained standard SNL fare.  Yes, Democrats were mocked, but it was the moderate Democrats.  Yes, the actor tried to capture some of Biden’s mannerisms, but he completely ignores the old-man-don’t-know-where-he-is vibe and missed the mark completely with the level of energy displayed.  Worse, when it came down to a comparison, the progressives were portrayed as the ones wanting compromise, while Senators Manchin and Sinema are handled as a child-labor-supporting fool (played by a woman) and a nut whose strategy is entirely to issue ridiculous proclamations.  They even mocked Sinema’s non-straight sexuality.

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