Biden’s military politicization is genuinely the sort of thing authoritarians do.

If you blinked (or don’t get your information from non-mainstream-progressive news sources), you might have missed the Biden administration’s explicit attempts to politicize the United States military along partisan lines.  John Lucas explains for The Federalist:

President Joe Biden and his administration are continuing to purge and politicize the American military. Consistent with the totalitarian left’s effort to control curricula down to the grade-school level, their latest effort targets the education of America’s future military leaders at the service academies: The U. S. Military Academy at West Point, the Naval Academy at Annapolis, and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. …

Each of the service academies is overseen by a bipartisan “Board of Visitors,” comprised of accomplished members of Congress, retired military personnel, and distinguished civilians. By federal statute, these Boards of Visitors are charged with a duty to “inquire into the morale and discipline, the curriculum, instruction, physical equipment, fiscal affairs, academic methods, and other matters relating to the Academy.” The members visit the academies regularly and by law are required to submit an annual “written report to the President of its action, and of its views and recommendations pertaining to the Academy.”

On September 8, the administration moved to “fire” the 18 board members appointed by President Trump, without regard for the likelihood that these positions have three-year terms precisely so that a political takeover of our government must last at least that long to completely remove the influence of prior officials.  That is, it’s to keep the board from becoming political and ideological.  Lucas notes an important divulgence (emphasis in original):

As of this writing, the administration and its allies in the press have not yet coordinated their defense of this political purge. The first weak effort was Jen Psaki’s in her Sept. 8 press briefing. She gave the game away when she defended the firings, saying among other absurdities, that “the president’s qualification requirements are …. whether you’re aligned with the values of this administration.”

Think about that: Those overseeing the education of our future military leaders must align themselves with Joe Biden’s thinking and values. Scary thought.

Alignment with an administration’s “values” may be a satisfactory requirement for a new appointment, and maybe even a re-appointment, but retroactively applying it to all positions on a board is the sort of coup attempt about which liberals used to warn people.  Unfortunately, a certain set of Americans have misunderstood the lessons of history.  A case in point is the lesson to watch out for this sort of action because the action itself betokens a dangerous intention.  Instead, progressives apparently took the lesson to be don’t let your opponents do this before you have the chance.


Featured image by Damir Spanic on Unsplash.

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