The self-delusion of the Left is a thing to behold.

For more evidence that we really live in different universes, give a read to Ruth Ben-Ghiat’s musings about the parent vax wars for CNN.  It’s almost difficult to believe it isn’t a parody that flips the script, attributing to the Right what is actually the standpoint of the Left.  It starts here and gets worse:

The scenes of harassment and vitriol in front of schools and in school board meetings in all parts of the country are the latest indicator of the deepening fractures in American society. While talk of a possible “civil war” may seem hyperbolic, four years of Donald Trump’s divisive and polarizing presidency, and the post-Trump extension of the GOP’s retreat from bipartisan governance, have eroded support for the democratic ideals of consensus, compromise and mutual tolerance.

In what follows, there is not a whiff of self-awareness that the divisiveness and polarization of the Trump Era was (at the very, very least) nursed and amplified by the Left.  Reading Ben-Ghiat, one would have no idea that the Democrats are much more vitriolic toward their own internal dissenters and much more likely to act in lockstep.  You catch no hint of irony that her fellow progressives are the one actually forcing uniformity of ideas and actions lie mask wearing and vaccination, while invalidating the right of those who disagree to be acknowledged, much less represented.

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