Take note of what the government thinks “working” means when it comes to mandates.

The title of this Barbara Morse piece on WJAR carries an important point of political philosophy:

Health leaders say Rhode Island health care COVID-19 vaccine mandate is working

By “working,” they mean that the percentage of healthcare workers who have been vaccinated has gone up to 95%, which is probably an increase of around 10 percentage points.  If the goal isn’t vaccination, but the balance of public health with individual rights, I’d say it isn’t working.  If the goal is to affect the spread of the virus, the best we can say is that we don’t know if it’s working.

And don’t forget an important point, if we care about people:  The percentage of vaccinated people has gone up in part because they forced unvaccinated people out of the job.  Based on the article, that’s probably about 4 percentage points of the 10, the rest being people who couldn’t afford to lose their jobs.

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