Alex Cannon has a realistic plan for climate change.

Brown Daily Herald reporter Michael Seoane has published a straight-news article on the Republican candidate for the 3rd district senate seat in the state General Assembly, Alex Cannon.

After a few paragraphs of agreement with the Cannon’s policy proposals, I braced for the worst when the article inevitably turned to climate change, but this seems exactly like the sort of suggestion somebody who is realistic and serious about addressing energy problems would make:

Another issue Cannon will tackle is climate change, something he believes Rhode Island needs to take urgent action on. With growing uncertainty about the efficiency of solar and wind power, the State Senate candidate spoke about potentially shifting to nuclear energy in the future. “I know many people are not fans of nuclear power, but, to be honest, nuclear power is one of the safest forms of energy production we have,” he said.

That’s certainly preferable to the approach that insists on imposing all sorts of requirements for acceptable energy and just expecting it to be plausible.

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