Yes, the motivation for disclaiming natural immunity is a puzzle.

Roger Simon asks Republican Congresswoman (and pharmacist) Diana Harshbarger a question pondered often in this space:

So she was a perfect person to ask why she thought the Democrats—aka “The Party of Science,” or so our learned president tells us—ignores natural immunity in favor of taking a militant stand on mandates.

Rep. Harshbarger’s reply: “When it comes to people’s individual rights to control what they put in their body, nobody should say you have to do that. That’s your individual freedom they are trying to take. It’s what’s happening to our country in the loss of our rights over the last nine months, not to mention this month, that we never thought we would ever see.

“They’re trying to dominate us, to take our energy access away. We’re not energy independent anymore. We rely on foreign countries. We’re letting illegals in by the truckload. And now things are going to be rationed.”

And then the congresswoman got to the crux of my question: “I attribute everything to control. The mandate is just part of the process of controlling the narrative of the way our country is going. It’s all about control.”

They just want to know that they can make us do what they want.

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