Vermont advances the sexualization of children.

If you’re wondering why the topic of free condoms in schools is appearing in headlines and social media conversations today, it might be because “Vermont just became the first state in the nation to give access to free condoms in grades 7-12,” as Hank Berrien reports for the Daily Wire.

It’s actually a bit more extreme than that.  The state legislature has mandated that all public secondary schools, which appears to cover students down to seventh grade, must make condoms freely available to students.

The interesting part, though, is that the birth control is apparently going to be donated by Planned Parenthood.  Why would the private organization do that?  Well, because it’s good for their abortion business.  It’s product placement for sex.

The more schools remind children to want to have sex, and the more they make available implements that make children feel as if they ought to be using those implements, the more sex children will have, which means the more mistakes they’ll make, which means the more babies Planned Parenthood can kill.

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Thomas Letourneau
Thomas Letourneau
2 years ago

Nothing surprises me with the Loony Toons up there…took this pic my last time there!

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