Child being grabbed by monsters

Something more than hypocrisy is going on on the Left.

By Justin Katz | March 15, 2023 |

We’re probably all feeling the increasing (let’s say) incoherence of things over the past decade or more, but I’ve found it clarifying.  Distinctions and beliefs have reached cartoonish levels, which teaches lessons that may continue to apply in subtler degree when (if) life moves back toward sanity. One may long have suspected that progressives (once,…

Crazy Eggs

Politics This Week with John DePetro: The Crazy Activists in Schools and the State House

By Justin Katz | February 5, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss the madness permeating our state.

A water drop and ripples

The English can now be arrested for possibly praying silently in their heads, now.

By Justin Katz | January 4, 2023 |

This incident occurred the week before Christmas, but I still can’t believe it’s real: A charity volunteer has been arrested and charged on four counts after she told the police she “might” be praying silently, when questioned as to why she was standing on a public street near an abortion facility. Police approached Isabel Vaughan-Spruce…

A water drop and ripples

Being arrested for praying is on the road U.S. progressives are dragging us down.

By Justin Katz | December 22, 2022 |

Sure, yes, this is in England, which does not have a First Amendment: A charity volunteer has been arrested and charged on four counts after she told the police she “might” be praying silently, when questioned as to why she was standing on a public street near an abortion facility. This appears to be video…

A water drop and ripples

Is education the solution to abortion?

By Justin Katz | December 19, 2022 |

Clearing out some links from the past year, I came across this abortion-related interview with URI student Antonia Simmons by The Public Radio’s Lynn Arditi.  This part makes me wonder if maybe all that’s needed is more education about biology: I am a 20 year old woman and I deserve the right to make my…

Crazy Eggs

Can the U.S. Survive the Madness of Its Politics?

By Justin Katz | October 20, 2022 |

It may be Crazy Season, but the rationale Democrats are giving for their votes is enough to make one despair of our nation’s capacity to analyze problem, develop solutions, and survive.

The moment before Lugo strikes Rourke

Will we ever develop the skills to process online political content like Bartholomew’s doctored abortion-protest clip?

By Justin Katz | June 25, 2022 |

First things first: It is very difficult to imagine circumstances that entirely excuse the actions of Jeann Lugo in a five second clip from last night’s pro-abortion rally at the State House.  Lugo is a muscular man with police training.  Striking a woman — progressive candidate Jennifer Rourke — should not be something he would…

A water drop and ripples

Trying to explain the Supreme Court ruling to a child.

By Justin Katz | June 24, 2022 |

What did they change? Well, there was a rule that said mommies had to be allowed to kill their babies before they were born everywhere in the country, and the court said states could decide whether or not to keep that rule. Why would mommies want to kill their babies?

A sonogram.

The Supreme Court has undone a travesty of law by overturning Roe v. Wade.

By Justin Katz | June 24, 2022 |

Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day, but the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, which invented a Constitutional right to abortion across the country.  To this day, many Americans don’t realize just how radical the judicial legislation was, making the United States much more extreme than most of the world, with abortion…

Mother touching baby's hand

A world in which mothers don’t smother their babies is inherently good (even on Utilitarian grounds).

By Justin Katz | May 18, 2022 |

Having just finished a graduate course in ethics, I found my mind keenly tuned to a question when Quillette editor Claire Lehmann raised it during a conversation with Jordan Peterson.  Lehmann said she found herself offended, once, when asked in an ethics-related class whether she would smother her own baby to death so as to prevent…