Something more than hypocrisy is going on on the Left.

We’re probably all feeling the increasing (let’s say) incoherence of things over the past decade or more, but I’ve found it clarifying.  Distinctions and beliefs have reached cartoonish levels, which teaches lessons that may continue to apply in subtler degree when (if) life moves back toward sanity.

One may long have suspected that progressives (once, “liberals”) argued in bad faith.  Take Rod Dreher’s “Law of Merited Implausibility,” which lampoons the Left as stating, “That will never happen, and when it does, you bigots will deserve it.”  (James Lindsay’s “Iron Law of Woke Projection” is a stronger variation for our times.)  The lesson that can’t really be denied is that logic, honesty, and factualism are not priorities for progressives.  They derive from Marxism, so only power matters.  All other values must serve power.

As much as it may be a partial cause of modern lunacy, social media also makes it more apparent.  Thus, on Sunday, progressive Democrat Jennifer Volpe Douglas (multiple-time candidate for state senate) took an implied shot at her local opponent while retweeting this:

Alex Cole retweets Lauren Boebert on Planned Parenthood.

Somebody tweeting as “Center for Understanding” replied to Volpe Douglas, “She may have been 14 or younger when they first had sex, depending on her birthday.”  (Of course, unstated is that the boy could have been 16 or younger and their ages may not be very far part.)

Now, move one space forward on the calendar from Volpe Douglas’s tweet to consider this from Planned Parenthood of Southern New England on Monday:

Planned Parenthood SNE shames Dear Abby

Even those who consider Planned Parenthood to be a helpful, moral organization should take a few minutes to read the letter.  The girl in the story had an abortion at 13, wasn’t sure who the father was (presumably because there were so many possibilities), and says she likes sex too much to slow down. Planned Parenthood SNE says, “Cha-ching!” and “How dare Dear Abby tell her she needs a strong relationship with her mother?”  The truly appalling thing is that Abby spent most of her response telling the girl to hurry to the nearest Planned Parenthood!  Even that wasn’t enough.

How insanely radical (or radically insane) does an organization have to be to attack its boosters if they mention that young teenage girls should seek the support and guidance of their mothers in addition to subjecting themselves to the organization’s influence?  Personally, I’d put this on the level of evil comparable to Pleasure Island in Pinnochio, but oughtn’t it at least discomfit mainstream Democrats… at least a little?  Yet, one hears no expression of hesitance.

So, we can see clearly that, when it comes right down to it, the likes of Volpe Douglas and her co-partisans really don’t care about standards for appropriate sexual conduct among kids.  Sometimes, it serves the purpose of their power to sneer and snicker at women for the exploits of their sons, and sometimes the same purpose calls on them to turn away from the self-serving monstrousness of abortionists.


Featured image by Iluha Zavaleh on Unsplash.

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Rhett Hardwick
Rhett Hardwick
1 year ago

Please don’t get me wrong. When speaking with “anti racists” I have noticed that their arguments are almost never fact based, rapidly reducing to ad hominen attacks.

Donna J Cook
Donna J Cook
1 year ago

The personal attacks from individuals toward the young couple and the parent is not helpful. This is a family crisis, not something to snicker at and make cruel remarks. This will impact all their lives and they need support from everyone.
Not sure why Planned Parenthood is government subsidized and Pro-life is not.

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