Everybody knows what “woke” means, even if they can’t articulate a definition.

Woke is a parasitic derivative of Marxism providing cover for dishonesty with the claim that reality is subjective and aggression with the weaponization victim status and the psychological instability of its adherents.  Its purpose is to destabilize our civilization under the theory that a perpetual revolution will somehow boil away the imperfections of society, leaving a communist ideal.

Of course, one complication in defining it is that most woke people lack the historical and philosophical background and self-awareness to understand what they’re doing and are being manipulated by those who do, who have no problem lying as a route to power.

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CC Reed
CC Reed
1 year ago

woke definition

 Statistician to the Stars WM Briggs puts it succinctly:
“A stubborn and hostile denial of reality.”

You know it when you see it.

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