Is education the solution to abortion?

Clearing out some links from the past year, I came across this abortion-related interview with URI student Antonia Simmons by The Public Radio’s Lynn Arditi.  This part makes me wonder if maybe all that’s needed is more education about biology:

I am a 20 year old woman and I deserve the right to make my own choices about my own body and my own health and my own future.

So if I were to get pregnant, first of all I am in college, I have absolutely no desire, or really the ability right now to be a good mother to raise a child. So the first thing on my mind would be, how can I safely end this pregnancy. And as somebody who’s on the state health insurance, it would not be covered currently by state health insurance. And abortions can run between $500 and $1,500 for the procedure. So we would have to pay that out of pocket.

Maybe the problem is that young women just don’t know how it is that they can “get pregnant,” because then they could make informed choices about their health, bodies, and futures.  If that’s not the problem, then it seems what women like Simmons want is an undo to make the choices they prefer easier at the expense of whoever is paying for the procedure and, of course, the children whose lives they would snuff out.

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