When the mainstream thinks they’re counterculturalists…

This tweet from local left-wing writer Phil Eil, quoting WPRO journalist Steve Klamkin, is some months old, but it’s still worth a head-shaking ponder:

Phil Eil and Steve Klamkin lament the lack of counterculture

Is it possible that progressives don’t recognize that their co-ideologues are the ones forbidding a counterculture from forming because they’re in power and don’t want alternative views to be heard?  Is there any psychological mechanism that could get them to recognize that the Tea Party, MAGA, and so on are the counterculture for which they claim to pine?

As I near a half-century of life, it seems to me that what they want is what Boomers enjoyed for the entirety of my life, and then some:  a safe, pop-culturalism counterculturalism in which the mainstream society is so secure and so competent that lifelong adolescents can rebel forever and never reap the damage of revolution.

Ah, well.  Those days are gone.  The damage cometh.

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