Harvard’s electoral lawfare program is another “believe your lying eyes” moment.

A network of Democrat and progressive legal teams has developed over the past two decades, and last year it arguably succeeded in frauding Joe Biden into the White House.  Now Harvard University is turning on the spicket to create more, as Mark Hemingway reports for RealClearInvestigations:

Reporting the launch of the Election Law Clinic in April, Harvard Law Today said participating students will get course credit for working on political campaigns, as well as “hands-on litigation and advocacy work across a range of election law areas, with an initial focus on redistricting and voter suppression cases. Clinic offerings include federal and state litigation projects, as well as some advocacy opportunities.”

We’re past the time when it was reasonable to see these activities as anything other than a partisan and ideological effort to transform our country.  That doesn’t mean they’re not within their rights, but it should mean we stop treating these institutions as non-partisan and non-ideological players in our society.

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