“Moderate” is changing as the Democrats’ reality overwhelms their rhetoric.

Responding to a Josh Hammer column on Newsweek, Instapundit Glenn Reynolds follows up Hammer’s suggestion that Republicans have to “nurture,” not “squander” their political inroads with new voters by highlighting the importance of clarity:

That’s the hard part. But yeah, the GOP is becoming a multiethnic party of small business and the working class, while the Democrats are becoming the party of rich white urbanites.

He also highlights a line from his own April column in the New York Post:

Democrats are now the party of Wall Street, Silicon Valley and upscale suburbs. The people who have to deal with consequences will have to go somewhere else politically. And they will.

When we hear about the need for “a ‘pragmatic,’ ‘socially moderate’ GOP candidate” in Rhode Island, we have to put the words in this broader context.  “Social moderate” doesn’t mean “like a liberal Democrat” anymore, because liberal Democrats have become immoderate radicals.

The media will desperately obscure this conclusion, but the Democrats are now the party of the rich and social extremists.

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