The Superman building is going to prove that corruption is a waiting game.

Often, public corruption is simply a matter of special interests waiting out public attention.  Voters don’t want to subsidize a non-viable bit of real estate in Providence?  Just wait them out.  They’ll forget or some money will come along:

It’s been nine years since Bank of America moved out of the 26-story skyscraper known as the “Superman” building, leaving the state’s tallest building vacant. But sources confirmed to the Globe Thursday that the state and the building’s owner, High Rock Development, could be “weeks away” from a deal.

Your money.  Somebody else’s profit.  Union support.

If this sort of thing is off the table indefinitely, the people closest to the building will have no choice but to find the highest and best use for their possession.  But in Rhode Island, they know there’s always a way to turn a trick.

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