The pizza assignment is an unlabeled example of “pleasure-based sex ed.”

Erika Sanzi shared a post on Parents Defending Education about a school assignment to teach kids about sexual consent.  Working in groups, students design a pizza that their partners will like by communicating with non-verbal cues.  Everybody likes cheese, but not everybody will want olives.  Here’s step number two: “Now mirror these preferences in relation to sex!”  The assignment gives a couple examples.

To be sure, assuming the underlying lesson is acceptable in a school setting, making lessons relatable is an important technique.  We have to be wary of a fine line, however.  As I noted the other day, part of the “pleasure-based sex ed” that progressives want to inject into public schools is sexualizing everything — having children associate everything from playing with their pets to making a pizza with the pleasures of sex.

Think about it.  Did you ever have a math lesson that used pizza to teach about angles or percentages or probability?  For a while afterwards, every time you had pizza you may have thought of that lesson and done a calculation.  Now replace math with sex, and you get a very different outcome when your family opens the pizza box — something more like grooming.

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