Our political impressions of violence might be a lot like pockets of traffic.

I just saw a formerly conservative pundit agreeing with an always ridiculous advocate for rule by “experts” that the right is more prone toward and tolerant of violence. I honestly cannot understand how anybody could believe such a thing.

I mean, we could maybe have an interesting conversation about tendencies toward what we might call “masculine” and “feminine” violence, with the former being of the beat-you-up or shoot-you kind and the latter being of the lock-you-out-of-the-shelter or euthanize-you kind.  Still, if I had to rank the two sides, I’d say the left is more dehumanizing and violent, but to state that the right is obviously more tolerant of violence seems blind.

But it occurs to me that maybe our impressions are like traffic.  Have you ever arrived at work and complained about the traffic to somebody who arrived from the same general direction five minutes after you only for that person to claim that traffic had been unusually light?  For whatever reason, you just happened to land in a pocket of traffic.

Maybe that explains some of this differing perspective.

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