Ethan Shorey is inspiring a short story.

Something about a pair of tweets from Valley Breeze editor Ethan Shorey feels like inspiration for a short story (or maybe a poem):

Ethan Shorey tweets about coffeehouse rants

The journalist is quietly sitting out there in the community, reporting to his 6,657 followers in a judgmental way about what somebody is saying to somebody else within his hearing.  That person may never know he was the star of Shorey’s vilification tale.

And here’s the thematic twist of the story:  Shorey may never know he was the star of my own vilification tale because, perhaps seeing me as yet another ranting antagonist, he appears to have muted me, condemning me to sit here in the Twitter coffee shop ranting about his ranting about somebody’s ranting.

At least the first guy is having a human conversation in person.

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