I don’t think “independent” means what Magaziner thinks it means.

Doublespeak such as that used by Democrat Congressman Seth Magaziner in the following tweet has become so common that we hardly notice it.  He (or a staffer who wrote the post) may not even realize the problem with the word choice (which would make it doublethink, I suppose):

Rep_Magaziner: Today, my colleagues in RI’s congressional delegation & I joined the Rhode Island Broadcasters Association to discuss how we can support local journalism.

Strong, independent local journalism not only keeps people informed, it’s crucial to ensuring a healthy + vibrant democracy.

If government supports journalism, it is by definition not independent.  That word, “independent,” may still have a salutary ring in Americans’ ears, but one suspects what Rhode Island’s all-Democrat delegation actually wants is a local media that handles them favorably, or at least carefully, because they are its benefactors.

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