RI pediatricians shouldn’t care more about indoctrination than children.

As is increasingly required, Nicole Solas has gone outside of Rhode Island to bring attention to a problem within the state, writing in Daily Caller:

I pay my pediatrician for check-ups and throat cultures, not ideological finger-wagging about sex education in kindergarten. But at that moment I realized that gender ideology in medicine and education was not about the health and safety of children. It is about people abusing their positions of power to tell parents how to raise their children. It is about authoritarianism.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island offers “safe zone training” for healthcare providers, and these stickers identify compliant providers. Critics argue these stickers are mere reassurances of “inclusion,” but my former pediatrician told me the stickers are meant to start conversations with children about gender ideology.

This is straightforward ideological capture of crucial service institutions.  Cult-like ideologues take over key corporate departments, government agencies, and independent associations and push their beliefs down to practitioners.

Nobody should doubt that progressives, even quite mainstream and “moderate” ones, will talk themselves into believing the suffering, and even death, of some children is justified in the service of “inclusion,” which has rapidly come to mean “exclusion of noncompliant people.”

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