If strange or silent responses from progressives about Hamas’s atrocities seem odd…

… the explanation might be more than silent discomfort with a faction of their tribe’s doing something nakedly evil.  To progressives, this sort of thing must happen and is expected.  Maybe they find it lamentable (or maybe not), but they see it as inevitable on the path to their vision of justice.

Tom Holland argues, in his excellent history of Christianity, Dominion, that the Woke represent a distorted offshoot of the faith.  Just so, through their Marxist perversion, they carry forward the expectation for which Jesus prepared his followers:  “when you hear of wars and revolts, do not be alarmed; for these things must take place first.”

This is the deeper truth of their hypocritical responses to current events.  The revolution is everything, and they’ll respond the same when it comes for you.  The real question is whether enough people’s eyes are opened before it’s too late, and I’m not seeing it, even now.  So, the progressives will go about their lives… and wait.

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