Hard not to conclude Councilor Miguel Sanchez will approve of political killings in the United States.

Providence Democrat City Councilor Miguel Sanchez has been catching some deserved flack for marching with the anti-Israel rally in Providence over the weekend (although the criticism is coming from people who don’t exist within the awareness of Rhode Island power):

MSanchezPVD: prov did not disappoint. yesterday, i marched with thousands of people calling for an immediate ceasefire and a end to the occupation.

If local journalists weren’t so intent on not paying attention to the wrong people, they might think to ask Mr. Sanchez whether he heard the rally leaders chanting something about how Jews have to go.  This conspicuous silence aside, it would be no surprise if Sanchez had chanted along.

The day of Hamas’s barbaric sneak-attack on peaceful Israelis in their homes, which (if it needs noting) was prior to Israel’s military response, Sanchez commended a statement by Texas congressional candidate Pervez Agwan redirecting blame:

“The images coming out of Palestine-Israel this morning are horrifying. It is unconscionable that the Netanyahu regime has ignited a powder-keg in the region by locking the Palestinian people in the open-air prison that is the Gaza Strip and throwing away the key. The Israeli government must respect Palestinian human rights instead of committing the heinous crime of apartheid.”

Agwan goes on to put blame on the foreign policy of the United States, as well.  He’s too clever by half, asserting that he “unequivocally condemn[s] all attacks on civilians,” while writing his statement in such a way that a reader would think that Israel had performed the massacre with U.S. assistance.  To consolidate the problem into a single observation:  He doesn’t mention Hamas once.  Simply consider that it’s a “statement on violence in Palestine-Israel.”  He’s being deliberately (and evilly) dishonest.

Anybody inclined to ignore these statements from Agwan and Sanchez as mere talk from inconsequential political figures should rethink.  Such radicals as these are on the political upswing, and it wouldn’t be fear mongering to say they are intent on overthrowing the United States as it exists.  The donate button on Agwan’s campaign site says he’s engaged in revolution, which, if nothing else, exposes the talk about January 6 and “insurrection” as so much partisan nonsense.  The same media personalities who’ve hyperventilated about that day are uninterested in or supportive of candidates and elected officials who proclaim revolution.

Americans are especially vulnerable to this rhetoric because revolution is in our founding story, so we can be slow to understand that the socialists among us use words to mean different things altogether.  The “open-air prison” of Palestine, for example, doesn’t mean some walled off pen that Palestinians aren’t permitted to leave.  It means a limited boundary beyond which Israel exists.  When the radicals say “democracy,” what they mean is a condition in which they win without fail.   When they talk of “racism and oppression,” what they mean is that their political opposition is refusing to surrender to the Marxist revolution.

When one of their chant leaders slips in the comment that Jews have to go, the crowd accepts it because they understand “Jews” to mean white people whose society has succeeded.  That is, they think all of us have to go.  If nobody pushes back, they’ll soon be referencing the “open-air prison” of being a minority in the United States and blaming non-revolutionaries for fostering the “powder-keg” that leaves the revolutionaries no choice but to decapitate our babies and murder us on a calm Sunday morning.


Featured image by Jose Clemente Orozko on WikiArt.

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Northern ExposureD
Northern Exposure
7 months ago

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Miguel Sanchez

On Friday, I was fired by Governor McKee for my public position on the atrocities occurring in Gaza.

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