The media’s “X community” style guide is problematic.

Consider this tweet from WPRI’s Ted Nesi as an indication of the dehumanizing aspect of the fashionable “community” phrase:

TedNesi: INBOX: Over 80 members of RI's Jewish community release an open letter to 


 asking them "to seek an immediate ceasefire in Gaza"

This politically correct practice allows 80 people to stand in for a “community” of nearly 20,000 people.  It’s careless identity politics, and it’s ideologically corrupt.  How do 80 people get to speak for 20,000?  Does Ted Nesi review a poll or survey the population?  No.  When it serves the progressive line, the speakers are part of the “community.”  When it doesn’t serve the progressive line, different language will be used — “some Jews” or the like.

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