Is Holocaust denial a matter of historical indifference or indifference about truth?

When a poll came out about a month ago finding 20% of young Americans (18-29) believe the Holocaust to be a made-up incident, with 28% stating that Jews have too much power in the United States, I had the same reaction as many.  This is not a far-right phenomenon, but a far-left one.  Our education system, from pre-school through grad-school is increasingly radical to its core, with scarcely an opposing view, so extremism is sure to grow, like black mold.

In recent weeks, however, with objectively pro-Hamas protests becoming the latest excuse of radical movement in the West to disrupt everybody else’s life, I’ve been wondering if the truth might not be even worse.  One suspects that if this same movement required belief in the Holocaust to be moral demand, the numbers would shift, such that scarcely a young adult would doubt it.

It’s not that they don’t know the truth.  It’s that they don’t care.  They’ve been fully drawn into the worldview that the truth is whatever you need it be to serve your interests at the moment.

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1 month ago

[…] wondered, the other day, whether young Americans are so much ignorant of history as they are indifferent to the truth.  […]

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