Progressives took over academia and journalism to rewrite facts and history.

I wondered, the other day, whether young Americans are so much ignorant of history as they are indifferent to the truth.  Here’s another shocking datapoint in that set:

JGreenbergSez: So…
…can either of you explain what this means?

Following the trail of links suggests that the culprit is not ignorance or, for that matter, indifference.  This is part of an approach.  A filmmaker (presumably of an activist bent) made a film about a document apparently by the lieutenant governor in Massachusetts Bay, and an AP “reporter” presented it in a way designed to solidify and expand the impression that it was widespread and the simplistic impression that aggression was entirely one way (rather than part of the jumble of people during more-violent times).   Now, other AP “reporters” take the next step by defining “scalping” as a practice “taken up by white colonists,” expanding the impression once again.  The next step will be to remove the already tenuous hint that the colonists might have initiated the practice to advance the rewritten history that all evil comes from white men, and everybody else is innocent or, at worst, merely reacting to white aggression.

Keep your printed history books, folks.  We may not be far off from the possibility of tracing these claims back through history as we move increasingly on the shifting sands of the Internet.

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CC Reed
CC Reed
1 month ago

“Taken up by,..” Yes! Like a new hobby, or, er…local custom. When in Rome…


Last edited 1 month ago by CC Reed

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