Here’s a good thread on the peculiar tactics of progressives.

Over the course of several tweets, John Hayward provides an explanation of why the Left uses tactics that seem sure to bother people rather than win them over, starting here:

Doc_0: Some wonder why they do stuff like this, because it's not "persuading" anyone or winning support to their side - it just makes normal people loathe the Hamas sympathizers even more. The perps do have a goal, but it's not to persuade, win sympathy, or even "raise awareness."

In brief, these are the shock troops so their slightly more socially legitimate allies can promise to make the disruptions go away for a political price. The deceit is that the disruptions never go away; there’s always another cause.

The biggest mistake normal folks make is to think the purpose is persuasion.  It’s not.  It’s power, pure and simple.  The activists want to assert power to disrupt your life so you’ll exchange political power for relief.

For this reason, it would not be the sort of gotcha question that journalists typically direct at Republicans to ask Democrats whether they support these tactics, and then to remove from office any who will not actively oppose them.  If they don’t oppose them, they implicitly support them.

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