Sometimes it’s the minor legislation (like weekly pay mandates) that is the most telling.

This legislation is hardly the most-pressing matter facing Rhode Island at the moment:

Sen. Frank A. Ciccone III and Rep. Enrique George Sanchez are sponsoring legislation to require most businesses in Rhode Island to pay their employees weekly.

Has either of these legislators ever had to make payroll for a business?  One suspects they simply don’t understand the challenges of operating a business, so this seems like a no-brain crumb they can throw to the constituents to claim to be helping them.

They would exempt small government offices and nonprofits, which shows they have some dim understanding that the legislation could be harmful, but that’s just a special-interest nod.  You otherwise have to conclude that they consider themselves competent to micromanage the entire Ocean State economy and don’t really care what the effects might be.

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