Always see yourself as acting, not reacting.

A point I made yesterday in an essay on Dust in the Light was that we communicate with God in where we choose to direct our attention, and one of the ways in which we make that choice is by how we act.  Taking an action is like moving your position on the landscape; your observations will be made in a world in which you took the action.  Call it “action space.”

Revisiting James Lindsay’s analysis of Joe Biden’s trans-Easter affront has a related ring:

This provocation, published yesterday, is overwhelmingly likely aiming to feed into those prevailing active measures (“ops”) meant to drag Christians into a positions of fruitful reaction that the Regime can use to clamp down on them. Again, Christian reaction is their real action, and we know for certain that Christian circles are deeply infiltrated with a chest-beating and growing radicalism that is being baited toward and associated with a growing antisemitism. The responses to this post will almost certainly prove this out, btw. Your evil government wants this to happen. They are baiting you into it.

Because we live in a world of free will and Original Sin, God’s is not the only determinant of how the world responds to our actions.  Other people play a role, and that can be manipulated.  Activists can attempt to provoke actions, as Lindsay suggests, or they can use other techniques, like creating confusion by reacting in contrary ways.

In any event, such manipulation is contrary to fair play, pluralism, and democracy.  It’s truly diabolical.

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