North Kingstown

A water drop and ripples

One state’s child pornography is another state’s mental health aid.

By Justin Katz | November 18, 2021 |

In South Carolina, school districts and now the governor have taken parental concerns about explicit material in school libraries, as Matt McGregor reports for The Epoch Times: “It has come to my attention that public schools in South Carolina may be providing students with access—whether in school libraries, electronic databases, or both—to completely inappropriate books and…

Two different scales

Politics This Week with John DePetro: The Narrative as Double-Standard

By Justin Katz | October 18, 2021 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz talk about the Rhode Island political topics of the week.

A water drop and ripples

The North Kingstown School Committee laughably managed a mask mandate to avoid public scrutiny.

By Justin Katz | October 18, 2021 |

I find self repeatedly coming back to a photo that John DePetro posted of the controversial meeting of the North Kingstown School Committee last week. As reported, Chairman Gregory Glasbalg ended the meeting on the pretense that two people in the room were not wearing masks.  Given that excuse, what do you notice about the…

Mary Brimer on State of the State

State of the State: Critical Race Theory, Part 3

By Justin Katz | September 8, 2021 |

North Kingstown Councilwoman Mary Brimer joins Richard August to discuss racism and critical race theory (CRT) in North Kingstown.

“Education Support Professionals” Block School Opening In North Kingstown

By Marc Comtois | August 28, 2012 |

In June, the North Kingstown School Committee voted to privatize the union jobs of 26 custodians. Twenty of the twenty-six were re-hired by the private company–GCA–that was brought in to take over. The committee voted to award a bid to GCA to privatize the district’s custodial department and will plan to award the contract at…

Three Communities Work Towards Consolidation

By Marc Comtois | January 6, 2009 |

In anticipation of the Governor’s address tomorrow, in which it is likely he’ll announce some pretty deep cuts in aid to cities and towns, it seems like a good idea for communities to embark on the sort of potential cost-saving projects that Warwick, East Greenwich and North Kingstown appear ready to try (couldn’t find link…

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