If your life can be upended for saying “men cannot get pregnant,” they can enforce any religious dogma at all.

We’ve been seeing more and more stories like this, which Matt Margolis posted on PJ Media:

Francisco José Contreras, a politician in Spain, was temporarily suspended from Twitter last week after declaring that “a man cannot get pregnant” because he has “no uterus or eggs,” in response to an article he shared about a transgender “male” who gave birth. …

Twitter claims that Contreras broke their rules “banning hate speech behaviors.”

It’s not just Twitter and Facebook, although those bans can be harmful enough for people’s opportunities.  People are being investigated at work and expelled from leadership posts in government agencies when they fall afoul of even the most-radical progressive dogma.  They decide, with no input from you, and you must go along, no matter how contrary to your beliefs — or even reality — the prescribed doctrine may be.

Just as same-sex marriage didn’t stop with same-sex marriage, this urge to rewrite biology (“sex is however the person feels at the moment”) and history (“slavery was the central principle of the American founding”) will expand as far as the ruling elites want it to.

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