Oh Oh Cuomo

Did you hear Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation speech?  If not, you may wish to take an antiemetic before listening to it.  (Transcript here.)

His voice quavered with “emotion” at several points during the speech.  “I have slipped …”; “In my mind, I’ve never crossed the line”; “Excelsior” (really; towards the end).

Oh oh.  So dramatic.  So touching.  Mistakes were made.  But nothing deliberate; certainly nothing prurient or malicious.  Your big take-away should be that he cares.  He truly cares.

Strange that he didn’t care enough to look at who was most vulnerable to COVID-19 – the data was clear early on – and allow that, rather than something perhaps more … umm, materialistic
to shape his response to the pandemic.  Weird how his voice never quavered when he talked about the many thousands of precious seniors who died unnecessarily at his wilful order.

Though in fairness, he was quite busy lining up state resources to get concierge COVID testing for family and friends so couldn’t be expected to pay much attention to the effect of the public health orders he had issued. During a pandemic.

Not to put too fine a point on it, many of the actions that Andrew Cuomo took by using and abusing his power as governor were that of a sociopath and perhaps worse.

There is already talk of a political come-back.  That would explain the apparent last-minute change of Cuomo’s response to New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report, from attacking its veracity (presumably to have been followed by an aggressive defense in his upcoming impeachment) to abruptly resigning.  A political comeback is far easier if you graciously, emotionally (gag) step down from office than if you are forcibly ejected from it after a very public, very detailed presentation of your numerous abuses of power; of the toxic, abusive, me-first work environment of your administration; not to mention the spectacle of witness after female witness trooping onto the stand to be bullied and verbally abused by your attorney as they testify about your creepy, predatory pervness (“I’m Italian” – lol).  Cuomo’s strong repudiation of the AG’s report during his resignation speech, terming it “false” among other things, bolsters this speculation.

Commentators, including some conservatives, have quietly observed that this is a political hit job orchestrated by and for the advancement of the far left wing of the Democrat party. I don’t disagree.  And I might have had a modicum of regret – at least, at the prospect of more progressive politicians coming to power.

But not in this case.  Andrew Cuomo deliberately, knowingly sent thousands of vulnerable seniors to their deaths.  His actions were evil.  He absolutely should face criminal charges, on the matter of deliberately covering up the number of COVID deaths his fatal order triggered, if nothing else.

But minimally, he needs to go, even if by political hatchet job.

And he should never hold office again.

If he does jump out again politically, fair warning that the foul history of his depraved actions in office, both towards his female subordinates but especially towards vulnerable seniors, will also spring out. Political candidates are warned to examine their closets for prospective skeletons before running. Andrew Cuomo has literally a division of skeletons in his closet standing by to very willingly march with him should he “care” to embark on another campaign.  Wonder if his voice would quaver, for real this time, as he watches them step out …


Featured image by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash.

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