College professors provide more evidence that critical race theory is not meant to help students or professionals excel.

Professors from multiple states have signed on to the argument that “success and merit” should not be goals of a university, but rather that they’re “barriers,” according to Kate Anderson on Campus Reform (via Instapundit):

“Admitting that the normative definitions of success and merit are in and of themselves barriers to achieving the goals of justice, diversity, equity and inclusion is necessary but not sufficient to create change,” professors Beth Mitchneck and Jessi L. Smith recently wrote for Inside Higher Education. …

Speaking with Campus Reform, University of Illinois professor Eunmi] Mun said, “[M]erit-based pay systems may increase the gender gap in bonus pay, which is more sensitive to individual performance than base pay.”

It’s time for the people who fund education (both taxpayers and students) to start asking ourselves what we’re paying these people for.  After all, some of their materials go so far as to decry merit as an agent of evil whiteness.

I kinda like merit as a measure of performance, but then… white guy.

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