Rhetoric and reality have become two different things with Raimondo and the Biden administration.

In the Reuters article I mentioned the other day, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo was so bold as to say this:

“We are going to look to work with our allies to counteract China’s anticompetitive behavior,” Raimondo said. “That’s a big difference between the last administration’s approach and our administration’s approach.”

She said tariffs on steel and aluminum imposed by the Trump administration “worked” to increase U.S. production but said the national security tariffs imposed on allies was not “necessarily the right way to go…It was really irritating to Europeans and now we’ve got to, like, clean that up… The enemy of course isn’t Europeans. The enemy is excess supply of cheap steel being dumped by China into Europe.”

Well, here’s the reality:

French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that Europe must distance itself from the United States as relations between America and its allies continue to deteriorate under the regime of Democrat President Joe Biden.


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