Remember when it was the height of bigotry to worry about biological men in women’s private spaces?

The most infamous and egregious case, of course, is the reported rape by a boy in a skirt of a 15-year-old girl in the girls’ bathroom in a Loudon County, Virginia, school.  The school department lied about the case and tried to bury it, and the case wouldn’t be nearly as infamous if the news media hadn’t tried to make the girl’s father a poster-child for parent-terrorists when he was arrested at a school committee meeting.

Closer to home, a Woonsocket man has been arrested for dressing in a wig and dress in order to enter the bathroom at the Wrentham mall and videotape women and girls as young as 8.

Police Chief Bill McGrath blames the technology and says people have to keep their “eyes wide open” in public areas where they disrobe.  The problem with that is we’re simultaneously being berated if we notice something off about the guy in the dress going into the women’s room.

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