The activists have a solid career path, now.

Years ago, a regular commenter on Anchor Rising who was obviously (let’s say) a dissenting voice around here commented more than once that college conservatives had a ready career path if they wanted to get into politics or media.  The comment always struck me as delusional, but… whatever.

Nowadays, retired college professor Mark Bauerlein observes that radical activists on American campuses really do have a ready-made trajectory:

… Social justice has become a career, a promising one. Take a look at the material success of the founders of Black Lives Matter, or the salaries of diversity deans, or the money critical race theory advisers make. Every business that goes Woke has to hire a few of them, while wealthy foundations give them fellowships and grants, such as Ford Foundation’s massive bankrolling of numerous organizations devoted to “inclusive democracy.” And the job market looks good, too, very good. According to a 2018 study, University of Michigan employs fully 93 diversity administrators.

Bauerlein wonders, however, what will happen when the thrill of activism meets the grind of professional life.  These poor souls are locking themselves into a life in which their youthful prejudices have to be true, so they can either refuse to mature or find their jobs empty.

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