Disruption of our lives is the point.

It may be tempting, if you come across images of protest actions around the country during the Christmas holiday ,to believe the protesters are generally being honest about their motivation. In their minds, a horrific event is happening in Gaza, and they feel compelled to act in opposition in whatever way they can. Personally, I don’t believe them.

Horrific events happen all the time in the world without this sort of reaction, and in any event, the means of disruption — blocking highways to airports, attacking police officers, and protesting community Christmas events — are tuned to disrupt, but not to inspire sympathy and agreement. Moreover, the movement is the same as that to which Democrat State Representative Enrique Sanchez played on Thanksgiving: “I don’t celebrate holidays that are the result of genocide of our indigenous people.”

To progressives, our whole way of life is a genocidal affront. Disrupting our lives and undermining our civilization is the point, and while it’s easy to confuse passion with righteousness, a better world isn’t on the other side of capitulation to their demands. We’re diving into an era of reverse racism and permissible oppression, and it won’t correct anything, only damage more lives.

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