Chariho School Committee, 6/22/21

David Stall’s resignation in Chariho demonstrates that even when we win we don’t win.

By Justin Katz | September 30, 2021 |

That dynamic has defined the disheartening turn of national politics over the past couple of decades, and as often happens, we can see the lines of the problem more clearly when they’re close up.  When people aren’t able to win fair and square and have a reasonable go at changing things, they don’t change their…

Chariho Starts Down the Path Blazed by East Providence

By Monique Chartier | September 5, 2012 |

In early 2009, finding itself at the end of its fiscal and negotiating rope, the East Providence School Committee “unilaterally” set the new terms of employment for teachers. In due course, their decision was upheld by Superior Court. Now the Chariho School Committee finds itself in a similar position with the teacher contract that expired…

Chariho District Votes Today

By Carroll Andrew Morse | April 7, 2009 |

Charlestown, Richmond and Hopkinton are holding a referendum today on the school budget for Chariho District. From Andrew Martin of the Chariho Times… Voters will have the final say all-day April 7 on the proposed $53.3 million Chariho Regional School District budget for fiscal year 2009-10. The budget represents a small increase over the current…

Chariho Fiefdom Temporarily Suspended

By Justin Katz | January 3, 2009 |

Apparently powerful players on local school committees can’t just subvert the will of voters without providing the public any warning that they intend to do so: Superior Court Judge O. Rogeriee Thompson has ordered the Chariho Regional School Committee to reinstate William Felkner until it properly votes on whether to allow him to serve on…